Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dedication...

If we've learned nothing else from this class, we all know that successful farming and gardening is all about feeding and cultivating the soil.  From compost building to cover cropping, it is the behind the scenes, soil building work that enables our plants to grow healthy, strong and tasty and allows us to garden year in and year out.

Well Friday's Dedication was also about behind the scenes work.  While we can all be in awe of the incredibly lush and verdant patch we have created out of an empty swath of dirt (I mean soil), I left on Friday in awe of the work and cultivation that went into getting us that soil in the first place.

The IVC Farm was years in the making, as Steve Kinsey recounted to us, and required the grit and yes, dedication, of so many people and organizations to put together.  From county officials like Steve, to UCCE, to the College, to the Corps, to our instructors; so many people worked tirelessly to make this teaching farm and the educational program that goes with it, a reality.

So thank you Nanda, thank you Ellie, thank you MariLee, thank you Steve and Wendy, thank you all for the fertile growth we are privileged to enjoy as a result of all your preparation.

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