Monday, August 10, 2009

Farm Sweet Farm

Greetings! I have returned home. Can't wait to share stories and pictures with everyone. Farming in St. Croix was pretty sweet. Except everything was always thirsty!! We did not have enough water :( Lots of passion fruit, coconut, papaya - pretty much everything grows there except it is almost impossible to grow onions!

I'd love to come to the farm this wednesday... anyone want to carpool?

MORINGA! the miracle plant. put it through the chipper for compost (member of the legume family) three seeds sitting on top. these seeds make WATER POTABLE. check it out:
Working with a service camp from the US to weed this shade house. We built it for a local elementary school's own "edible schoolyard"
Go Wendy!!

new group of kids from the same service camp: overland. we spread all that gravel as a suppressant. it started as a 6ft pile in the back!

Sheep and Goat (annie) tend the mango/banana orchard
baby yellow warblers in the garden!!
little bunny foo foos are the meat we eat
coconut harvest. i learned to wield that machete like a master!
passion fruit, pumpkin, cucumber, gourd, loofah...

organic farming with the kids! mostly cover crop... the kids harvested pigeon peas. we followed Steve's example with the "spiritual sow" and planted some pineapple for fun :)
they covered the beds with mulch and compost (we sang your song wendy!)
me: what is the heart of organic farming?
2 or 3 kids quietly to themselves: feeding the soil
me: feeding the what?
all: SOIL!
me: what?!

more picture to come... Can't wait to get out to IVC!!

Lots of Love

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  1. Welcome home girl! Thanks for the photos and the update. I definitely want to hear more!!