Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marin Open Garden Project launches without a hitch!

Well classmates, I am happy to report that the launch party for Marin Open Garden Project was a huge success! The turnout was great, but not only that, people were really excited by the idea of cultivating the soil in their neighborhood and sharing its yield with their friends, family and neighbors.  It looks like we already have a couple of gleaning prospects and, if the bounty presented today is representative of what we'll see on a weekly basis, I believe many Mill Valley residents will be experiencing the great pleasures of organic fare without one single red cent being passed.

Thank you Steve and Wendy for all the seedlings you donated. Once people heard where they had come from, they were literally clamoring for the chard, lettuce and tomatoes that came from IVC. In fact, I floored my partner in MOGP (Julie) with the greens harvested at Wednesday's class which I served as a salad at our celebratory, post-event dinner.

I just want to share that, as I described our class to the many strangers who were curious about my other involvements, people's eyes literally sparkled.  I feel so privileged to be part of this initiate class and thankful for the community it is providing and the lessons I am fortunate enough to receive.

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