Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wiped out!

I don't know about you guys, but I was thoroughly pooped leaving the farm today! My brain was sooo full, my hands caked with soil, my bones and muscles a little tweaked, my sunburned shoulders burning and, did I mention, my brain soooo full?  Truth be told, I must confess that it "Hurt So Good." The physical work is satisfying on such a primitive level: conquering the elements so to speak, carving pathways and mounds of green, deliciously edible growth from a chalky, rocky, dry expanse of soil.  This multi-sense interaction with the earth is certainly worth an hour or two of aches and pains easily remedied by a tall, ice cold, Trumer Pils (trust me, it works wonders)!!
While my body has found relief, I must say, my brain is still churning.  First of all the whole vermiculite/asbestos thing. Not good (certainly worse than the dust bowl, three mile island and katrina). But good (without the asbestos) if you're looking for aeration, moisture retention and sterility.  Need an old school formula for planting mix? We got that:1/3 soil, 1/3 sand (sharp not smooth), and 1/3 oak leaf mold (think humus).  Fun new fertility terminology? How does "humanure" work for you? Wondering what the difference is between an annual (seed to seed in one year) and a biennial (seed to seed in two years)? Covered.  Foreign languages? How about some Classical Latin/Greek:
Chenopodiaceae (think goose feet)
Compositae (think multiple flowers)
Leguminoceae (think butterfly flowers)
Solanaceae (think toxic leaves)
Curcurbitaceae (think MELONS- our favorite)
Don't forget, "Think in a family way."
or Classical Tractor:
hard pan (bad), ripper, disc in, cross hatch, rotary blade
Don't forget: 30" between tires= 30" bed

I'd go on but I'm pooped and my laptop's on reserve battery power so it's time to sign off....

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