Monday, June 22, 2009

It's been a while...

Wow- I guess I went a little AWOL, huh? 
Well, our class ended, I went to DC for a week, my kids' school ended (how can a 6 year old and an 8 year old have such busy social calendars?!), but still, it's hard to believe 3 weeks has gone by since my last post.  There's a lot to catch up on but frankly, I'm not even going to try.  Suffice it to say that 1) Wendy's event with Deborah Madison at Commonweal was fantabulous!!! (yes, count them, three exclamation points) and 2) The farm club has now met three (coincidence?) times.  
So let's talk farm club...
We have a name
Dharma Farm Club
We have officers
Hilary - president (is that lower case or capital "p"??)
Veronica- vice-president
Creta- secretary/treasurer
We don't yet have an official mission statement, but...
We do have RULES!!!
e.g.  For now, no selling food, no donating food (so do the math, as a member of the farm club you get loads of free booty!)
We have fun!!
e.g. This past week, we harvested lettuce and cabbage and planted a whole lot of carrots and winter squash- yummy.
and we have plans...
e.g. a harvest festival celebration in August where we can sell our produce and value added products (think, calendula oil)
To join us, all you have to do is be an active student in the Farm or Environmental Landscaping program, just 1 unit qualifies you!  And the good news is that your 1 unit can be a Directed Study with Wendy or Steve. At UVa we called the really easy classes "gut" classes.  Please do not confuse a 1 unit Directed Study with a "gut."  You actually need to put in many recorded hours on an object of study related to the program, but not currently offered by the program, for your unit to qualify.  So, some ideas that were tossed around were "planting mix building," "food donation," "value added products development" or "organic certification."  The list is by no means limited to this so please, if you have an idea, check in with Steve or Wendy.
Bottom line, the goals for the club are to support the Organic Farm Program and to keep learning, so, if that sounds good to you, your participation sounds good to us!!
Look for a change to the blog as we transition to the Dharma Farm Club and join us on Wednesday's from 9:30-1:30- you know where to go!

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