Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17th Meeting of Dharma Farm Club

June 17, 2009
Nanda Schorske sailed into our Sacred spot today giving us direction on how to accomplish Directed Study for those who cannot take a Class next semester or for those who wish to gain additional credits to their study in the fall. One can assume Directed Study with Steve or Wendy as advisor and select a subject within the farming context with which to concentrate such as Pruning and Propagation. This will be the last chance to use Directed Study before it is transferred over to Independent Study in the Spring which will serve the same purpose and help the student further their learning experience within a context that may not yet be offered at IVC or to explore more in depth study of interest. She also explained to us that the college is attempting to enroll at least 12 full time students each semester in the new Environmental Landscaping Dept. Full time being 12 units per semester or 4 classes. A student who is earning less than 12K/year is eligible for Work/Study—getting paid to take classes. Anyone wishing to assist with developing the curriculum for this new dept. is encouraged to contact Nanda at (415) 883-2211xt8506 She also discussed with us the possibilities of moving forward with ideas to help raise money for club purposes. We decided to have some sort of Harvest Celebration on Aug. 1st where we would be able to sell the produce that will be ready.
The rest of the meeting was spent in the field harvesting, planting, and weeding. Both cabbages and lettuces were picked for club members to take home. And, winter squashes were planted on the upper edge of the field (Butternut squash and Steve’s Chiogga Squash). Henry, Wendy, and Elizabeth began archival duties in earnest, recreating our progress from day 1 of the first class meeting. This will also help with our status of being Organically Certified.
The club has elected Creta Pullen(me) as the new Secretary to replace Jenny who had to resign because of conflicts with Conservation Core duties. So, the officers for the Dharma Farm Club are now, Hillary Jenkins—Pres., Valerie Valero—V.P , Creta Pullen—Sect./Treas.

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