Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 24th Meeting

A bright hot sunny day in Novato. We were without our venerable leaders today and Liza pitched in to give us direction. Steve, unfortunately, was called away on an emergency family matter. We hope all is well with you, Steve—and with your son. We all put you in our thoughts as we worked and worshiped in the field.
Today was the first class for the Children’s Program of the Conservation Corps. After a tour, Henry put them to building a new compost pile, and then sifting one of the existing piles.
The calendula flowers were dead headed, the tomatoes needed and got more supports. Hillary, Barbara and Victoria weeded the melon patch which is suffering from an infestation of cucumber beetles and also creeping Bermuda grasses. Also, the row of sun flowers in the melons was thinned. It was a very sparse gathering today.

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