Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 15,2009

Work commenced at 9:30 am members arriving staggered throughout the morning and working also into the later afternoon hours

Elizabeth Baker, Creta Pullen, Veronica Valero, Barbara Leufien, Luanna Navarro, Victoria Stavig, Henry Wallace, Wendy Johnson

Wendy will be hosting a program for “Grown in Marin” at the Farm on Saturday-- Food and Farming on the Urban Edge:Growing Food in Your Own Backyard Any and all are welcome to come—and especially to help in the field. A perfect opportunity to show off our bounty (and sell it!!)
We had a willing Volunteer named Shannon come to help us on the farm today—able, willing, and very skilled. The Regen. Students were also in attendance on the field.

It’s time to get down to the Process of actually formalizing the club. I met this morning with the asst. of Nanda Schorske (Laurie Loeffler)because the Kentfield campus where I needed to drop off the paperwork was closed due to a power outage, so this has given us a wee bit more time to solidify our Mission Statement. Since we are having a Saturday work meeting this weekend, perhaps we can while we work, whistle the tunes of our mission. I hope to see a few more faces to help us accomplish this. If you haven’t been to the farm in awhile, you will be VERY surprised at the bounty we have been harvesting every week. People are making it a ritual now to stop by and ask (and to buy)what’s just been picked.

As treasurer, too, I would like to request a bit more professional housekeeping with the money end of the club. We’ve been a bit loosey-goosey as far as record keeping. I need to receive reports on all monies brought in from our harvesting and I need to have receipts for all the expenditures. The farm is getting a new Farm Manager next week. She will be handling all the monies from now on, so let’s give her all the help she needs to keep it on target (whatever that is).

Prepared beds for and planted-
Eggplant (All Star Organics)
Sweet and Hot Peppers (All Star Organics)
Broccoli (Green Gulch farm & Harmony Farm Supply)
Lettuces (Green Gulch Farm)
Onions (Green Gulch Farm & Harmony Farm Supply)
Lettuces (Green Gulch Farm)
Beans and Buckwheat
Cleared for Harvest-
Kale, Chard, Lettuce, Turnips, Zuccini, Beans, Flowers

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