Friday, July 10, 2009

July 8-2009

We hosted another Project Regeneration class through the Conservation Corps. This class was very enthusiastic about working and extremely helpful in all they accomplished. Mention was made concerning a Saturday work day. Neither Steve nor Wendy has time to oversee this, but Steve said a self directed work day on Saturday is an EXCELLENT idea for any and all who wish to put in some time on the field. You can also sell produce during the time you are there and we can figure out a spot for you to leave the $$$ collected for me to pick up on Wednesdays. Let me know who is interested in this situation. I do know that Dione and Paige expressed interest—and anyone else is certainly welcome. I can come at least one Saturday and show you how to set up the buckets for selling.
Speaking of selling—we have collected by any and all means—approx. $200 to date.(you can ask me personally what “by any and all means” is) There have been some expenditures leaving us with cash in hand of $140. We can really use plastic sacks for giving out to customers who show up w/o something. (And, they are many). If you save plastic bags, please recycle them in our direction. We can also use more buckets (large tubs are good) for holding water to support the produce—if you have any or would like to donate them.
For anyone wishing to pass on information that Henry should know, you can contact him via cell phone at 612-327-4167 or via email at

Steve discovered the giant Turnip that nearly ate Dharma Farm!!

We harvested our First ripe tomato from what looks to be a bumper crop. And, we discovered 3 baby watermelons.

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